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CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT

CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT
CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT

CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT   CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT
This listing is for 1 roll of White Polypropylene Film designed for. Dye, Pigment, and Latex Ink Printers. This listing is comparable the the Canon Durable Polypropylene Film Roll. Roll Size: 36 inches wide by 100 feet.

This product does NOT have adhesive. With Prelume for Bright White Finish. Excellent Short-Term Graphics Lamination is not necessary. Material is designed to handle easier.

POP Retail Commercial Window Graphics. Inkjet Aqueous Water-based Dye & Pigment and Latex Ink Printer Compatible. Compare to the following products. Hewlett Packard (HP) Q1903A Q1904A Q1906A Q1907A Everyday® CH022A CH023A CH024A CH025A CH026A CH027A.

Canon 1514C004AA 1514C003AA 1514C002AA 1514C001AA Durable 0834V777 0834V778 0834V779 0834V780. Lexjet Toughcoat® Extra WRPX36 WRPX36200 WRPX42 WRPX50 WRPX60 PolyGloss® MPG36200 MPG42100 MPG60100.

Top Value Fabrics (TVF) 100679-WH-36IN-WMT 100679-WH-42IN-WMT 100679-WH-50IN-WMT 100679-WH-60IN-WMT. Sihl Digital Imaging SyntiTec® 3300 3391. Ilford Front Print Translucent Film JP1TF7 JP1WF7 JP1RF7. Dietzgen Intelicoat Magellen Coveris Exopack Magiclee® W/R 902 GFPOLY Indoor Roll-Up P.

Displays 67061 67062 DMPPM7 DBVB14 DBVB15 DMPPM7 PPM7 9 MIL GFPPM7 64049 44836 70864 45836 49010 70857 44980 71332 70858. Oce Premiere Media OPTBPOLY OPTPOLY8 6008024100 6008030200 6008036100 600836200 6008042100 6008042200 6008060100 Economy IBPOLY7. Permalite Innovative Inkjet Media FreeRider® 1620 HalfPipe 1625. N Glantz & Sons Beline®.

FastPlot Banner FP-WPPP-R24100 FP-WPAPP-R24100 FP-WPPP-R36100 FP-WPAPP-R36100 FP-WPPP-R42100 FP-WPAPP-R42100 FP-WPPP-R50100 FP-WPAPP-R50100 FP-WPPP-R60100 FP-WPAPP-R60100 FP-WPPP-RC24100 FP-WPAPP-RC24100 FP-WPPP-RC36100 FP-WPAPP-RC36100 FP-WPPP-RC42100 FP-WPAPP-RC42100 FP-WPPP-RC50100 FP-WPAPP-RC50100 FP-WPPP-RC60100 FP-WPAPP-RC60100 FP-WPPP-R24200 FP-WPAPP-R24200 FP-WPPP-R36200 FP-WPAPP-R36200 FP-WPPP-R42150 FP-WPAPP-R42150 FP-WPPP-R50150 FP-WPAPP-R50150 FP-WPPP-R60150 FP-WPAPP-R60150 FP-WPPP-RC24200 FP-WPAPP-RC24200 FP-WPPP-RC36200 FP-WPAPP-RC36200 FP-WPPP-RC42150 FP-WPAPP-RC42150 FP-WPPP-RC50150 FP-WPAPP-RC50150 FP-WPPP-RC60150 FP-WPAPP-RC60150. Kapco KJWPPOLYPROP/36 KJMPGPP/36 KJWPPOLYPROP/42 KJMPGPP/42 KJWPPOLYPROP/50 KJMPGPP/50 KJWPPOLYPROP/60. Product is compatible with the following printers.

DesignJet T120 DesignJet T520 DesignJet T790ps DesignJet T795. DesignJet T920 DesignJet T920ps DesignJet T1300ps DesignJetT1500. DesignJet 1500ps DesignJet T2500 e MFP DesignJet Z2100 DesignJet 600.

DesignJet Z3200 DesignJet Z3200ps DesignJet Z2500ps DesignJet 90. DesignJet Z6200 DesignJet Z5400ps DesignJet 130nr DesignJet 800.

DesignJet T1200 DesignJet T1300 DesignJet T1100ps DesignJet 455c. DesignJet 510 DesignJet 750c DesignJet 755cm DesignJet 650c. DesignJet 800ps DesignJet 815mfp DesignJet 820 MFP DesignJet 1050. DesignJet 1055CM DesignJet 1050c Plus DesignJet 1050 DesignJet 4000. DesignJet 1055 cm Plus DesignJet 2000cp DesignJet 2500cp DesignJet 4500.

DesignJet 2800cp DesignJet 3000cp DesignJet 3500cp DesignJet 5000. DesignJet 3800cp DesignJet 4000PS DesignJet 3000cp DesignJet 5100.

DesignJet 4500ps DesignJet 4500mfp DesignJet 5500ps DesignJet 5500. DesignJet 9000s DesignJet 9000sf DesignJet 8000sr DesignJet T610. DesignJet 10000s DesignJet L25500 DesignJet L65500 DesignJet T790. DesignJet T1100 DesignJet T1100ps DesignJet 1100mfp DesignJet 750.

DesignJet T2300 eMFP DesignJet T7100 DesignJet Z3100 DesignJet 350c. DesignJet Z3100ps DesignJet Z3100ps GP DesignJet Z6100 DesignJet 450c.

DesignJet Z6100ps DesignJet 755c Latex 3500 Latex 820. DesignJet 500 Latex 310 Latex 330 Latex 310.

Latex 3000 Latex 3100 Latex 850. Stylus Pro 7900 Stylus Pro 9900 Stylus Pro 10000 Stylus Pro 7600. Stylus Pro 10600 Stylus Pro 9600 Stylus Pro 7500 Stylus Pro 9600.

Stylus Pro 9000 Stylus Pro 2200 Stylus Pro 5500 Stylus Pro 9880. Stylus Pro 11800 Stylus Pro 7800 SureColor S80600 Stylus Pro 4400.

Stylus Pro 7400 Stylus Pro 9400 SureColor S40600 Stylus Pro 4800. NovaJet 1000i Kodak 1200i NovaJet 880 Flatbed 8 Color 850. IImagePROGRAF iPF 9000 imagePROGRAF iPF 9000s imagePROGRAF 8400. ImagePROGRAF iPF 8000s imagePROGRAF iPF 8100 imagePROGRAF 8200.

ImagePROGRAF iPF 6450 imagePROGRAF iPF 6400 imagePROGRAF iPF 700. ImagePROGRAF iPF 9400 imagePROGRAF iPF 8000 imagePROGRAF iPF 500. ImagePROGRAF iPF 5000 imagePROGRAF iPF 9000 imagePROGRAF iPF 600. ImagePROGRAF iPF 8000 i magePROGRAF iPF 7250 BJ 9000.

ImagePROGRAF PRO-6000 imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 BJ 7000. ImagePROGRAF PRO-4000 imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 BJ W9000. Iris Fine Art Gliclee Kodak 5260 Mimaki JV22-160 Mimaki JV4. Mutoh Mutoh RJ900 Roland Hi-Fi Roland 8-Color. Printer Profiles might be available upon request. We require the following information. Ink: Brand, Type, and Cartridge MFG #. Material: Identify which product you are needing to profile, be specific. YOUR POSITIVE REVIEW IS INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED! Plastic-Guy is not endorsing the product brands listed above. The purpose of advertising these brands, names, copyrights, and trademarks is to show and illustrate that our private branded product is comparable, similar, or equivalent. These charges are the buyers responsibility. (especially customers in Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Russian Federation). The item "CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT" is in sale since Saturday, May 19, 2018. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Office\Trade Show Displays\Banner Systems & Signage". The seller is "plastic-guy" and is located in Norcross, Georgia. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Brand: Canon (Comparable)
  • MPN: Polypropylene Banner Film
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Modified Item: No

CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT   CANON Poly-Vinyl Non-Adhesive Inkjet Banner Gloss Tear-Proof Roll 36 x100FT